Do you want personalized instruction, a coach, a guide, a partner helping you through your personal health and eating experiences, or do you want to learn the details of plant-based nutrition and the health reasons for going vegan?  I offer coaching services for each of these on their own, or both in combination, and all services take place over phone or Skype, so whatever you’re looking to learn, we can cover it!  Potential topics we will discuss are nutrition (yes, you will get plenty of protein :) ), fitness, cooking, compassion for animals, eating out, and of course anything else that comes up.

Personalized instruction

We will identify *your* obstacles and work together to overcome them.  I will provide support, resources, and information, as well as helping you take pride in your successes, and finding the encouragement to work on your sticking points.  I will give you ideas and suggestions where you need them, and you will gain the confidence to move forward with a plant-based diet knowing you have a partner to help you where you have questions.

1 session – $100: 1 45-minute session.  We will work through where you are and what brings you there, as well as what goals you have and what your obstacles are.  I will provide suggestions for next steps and big picture possibilities for reaching those goals, and will follow up after with resources that will help you move forward.

3 sessions – $250: As above, but we will work together to set 2 goals in the 1st session and achieve them by the 3rd.  I will also provide answers to any questions that arise as you move forward, and any research necessary to help find answers or resources for you.  Warning – there may be homework.  :)

Subscription package – $100 for the 1st session, $50 for each following: As above, on an ongoing basis.  We will work to set goals and achieve them.   I will provide accountability and help you grow, as well as being your partner in questions that arise as you explore this new world.  After the first session, each session will be a half hour, and can be scheduled as often as you like, with the recommendation of once a week.

Nutrition Bootcamp

Intro to basic nutrition concepts, through a plant-based lens.  See why this is the healthiest lifestyle on the planet, and how this is what our bodies were destined to eat.

1 session – $100: 1 45-minute session, where we cover the basics. “Where do you get your protein,” the most nutrient dense foods, our physiology, etc.  Time for Q&A to make sure we cover the issues you are concerned about and help you to feel confident in the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

3 sessions – $200: 1 intro session, and 2 30-minute followup sessions on the topics of your choice.  I have modules to choose from, or we can build a new session out if you have specific questions.

Ongoing – $100 for the 1st session and $50 thereafter: 1 intro session and then ongoing sessions until all desired topics are covered!  Scheduled at your convenience, with the recommendation of once per week.

Combo pack

Do you want personal support and guidance, as well as learning all the details from nutrition bootcamp?  A combo pack is your best choice!  All of the above, put together in a plan just for you.  Same pricing as above ($100 for the first intro session, $50 for each followup 1/2 hour session), with a structure that we will determine together for what each session will focus on.

Email support 

Ongoing Email Support – $25/week: Are you one of those people who thinks of your question just after getting off the phone, and then you don’t want to wait a week til the next conversation for an answer?  For $25/week we can add email support between sessions for those pressing questions.

Recipe Development

Is there one dish you can’t give up that’s keeping you from going vegan?  Do you have a favorite childhood recipe you want to be able to eat?  An amazing dish someone brought to a party you really want to be able to try?  Send me the recipe and I will create a plant-based version for you to satisfy those cravings.  :)  Price variable depending on complexity.

I am so grateful to Esther for all of her expertise and assistance as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach.  Throughout my coaching sessions with her, she was really encouraging, compassionate and non-judgmental in accepting me where I was on my path towards adopting a vegan diet. I appreciated her encouragement of my progress, her understanding and addressing my concerns and pitfalls, and for
offering me practical guidance on how to incorporate more greens into my diet. She always followed up promptly after our sessions with helpful articles, recipes, and additional information based on questions that I had. I felt really supported and knew that if I had questions or concerns, she would be able to answer them and provide me with factual research on the rationale behind them. I highly recommend Esther as a great choice for anyone looking for guidance on transitioning to a vegan lifestyle!

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