For local clients, let’s dive in together.  I will help you learn to be comfortable in your own kitchen and to gain the confidence to prepare a delicious vegan meal.  We’ll explore exactly what to look for in the overwhelming arena of the grocery store, and how to build a healthy vegan pantry so you always have easy items on hand.  Choose from the below, or contact me to build a custom package.

Cooking Lessons

1 Lesson – $200: We will work together to choose 1 or 2 items to prepare.  If you have a favorite recipe you would like to learn how to make vegan, we will make that happen!  If you saw something online you’d like to try, we’ll work on that. Otherwise I’ll listen to what foods you like and suggest options for you to choose from.  On the day of the lesson I will come to your kitchen and we will work together to help you learn the ingredients, cooking techniques, and your own kitchen and tools so that you will be able to translate these skills into other dishes and a lifetime of delicious meals.

3 Lesson Package – $500: As above, but learning new dishes each time.

Multiple Lesson Package – price varies: Want to learn a number of dishes, or prepare to host a dinner party with multiple courses?  We will work together as many times as you like, building on skills gained each time to create a full culinary repertoire, or putting together a fully planned meal, working on each course together.

Grocery Store Tour

1 hour – $100: Are you overwhelmed by the number of choices available in today’s grocery store?  No wonder – a typical store has almost 40,000 different items!  We’ll take an hour to walk through your local store together, learning benefits of different veggies, how to read a food label, what items are “accidentally vegan”, and how to spot the healthier items amidst the sea of so many products.

With cooking lesson – $250: As above, and as we walk through the store we will gather ingredients needed for our chosen dishes.  After the tour we will head back to your house to prepare a delicious meal!

Pantry Overhaul

One hour basic overview – $100: I will come over to your kitchen, and we will go through your pantry, refrigerator, cabinets, etc, with an eye towards healthy, plant-based eating.  You will learn how to read a food label, and what products you probably already have that can be the foundation to build a great new pantry collection, and where there might be better options available.  We will clean out the less healthy items, and I will leave you with a list of potential replacements for moving forward building up your new kitchen.  You will gain the confidence to shop for those items and know you are building a healthier life.

Complete overhaul – $100/hour: As above, but for as long as it takes to go through every nook and cranny!

With grocery store tour – add $100: As above, but once the clean-out is complete we will head to the store together to pick out specific items together to rebuild your pantry with a healthy plant-based diet in mind.

Hire Me

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