Investment in vegan restaurants and products is soaring because 4% of adult Americans are vegan or vegetarian, up 1% from 15 years ago. With the popularity of Meatless Mondays and the desire to incorporate more whole foods plant-based meals becoming a larger part of everyone’s conscience, 47% of the population now eats vegetarian meals on a regular basis.  I work with you and your restaurant to create vegan dishes and cash in on health-conscious customers.

When I or any of those 9 million Americans tell their friends and family, “Sorry, I can’t eat there,” the whole group takes their business elsewhere. That’s where I come in. Healthy eaters reject restaurants without thoughtful options and go out of their way to patronize restaurants they know have delicious, purposeful vegan choices. I help bring you that business.  In a recent Facebook survey, No Meat Athlete asked about the challenges of being vegan – and 133 of the first 350 comments (over 1/3 of posters!) mentioned the lack of options for dining out.  I help you capitalize on that void and increase your business by filling that hole in the restaurant world.

Services start with a one-hour, two-part consultation. First, I’ll walk you through how you stand to profit from demand for vegan options, why your customers have chosen to be vegan so you can cater to those reasons, and what vegan means for you; key ingredients, techniques, and popular meals. In the second half-hour, you’ll tell me about your restaurant, your clientele, and what you’re looking for. Then we’ll put together a package that best suits your needs.

The options include:

  • Initial consultation only
  • Initial consultation plus creating 1-5 dishes in the style of your restaurant’s menu and providing you the recipes
  • Initial consultation plus creating a vegan version of 1-5 favorite dishes on your existing menu and providing you the recipes
  • Initial consultation, creating new dishes and/or veganizing favorites, and working one-on-one with your chef to teach them the details of how to recreate the new dishes

Sound good?  Great!  Contact me to set up your initial consultation, and let’s get started.  I am located in the Washington, DC-metro area, but can arrange remote sessions if the distance is too great. You can reach me at or 301-244-8751. Looking forward to working with you!



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