Wow, week 1 is over!  I’m taking the next 2 days off for Yom Kippur (can’t write about food when I can’t even eat any!), but here’s the 5th and final (for now :) ) installment in the Veganizing Your Favorites series.  Next week will be new and exciting adventures.  I’m thinking about exploring the new vegetables I’ve come to love ever since starting this journey….

So, no bake cookies, candy cookies, whatever you call them – they’re absolutely delicious.  Piles of chocolate-y, oat-y, goodness.  I got the recipe for these from a teacher back in elementary school (I can’t remember *why* that happened), and I’ve been making them ever since.  So quick to make (though they need to dry overnight), so easy, and are always a hit.  It took a couple tries to veganize the recipe correctly, but now they are absolutely identical to the original.  Enjoy!!

Somehow I don’t have my own photo of these (?!), so this one is thanks to Creative Commons.  Original can be found here.

No Bake Candy Cookies

3 ½ C quick oats
¾ stick Earth Balance
½ C creamy peanut butter (A variety that is not too oily, one that doesn’t need stirring. Jif works perfectly – natural peanut butters do *not*, as much as I would prefer them.)
2 C white sugar
1 tsp vanilla
½ + 1/8 C soy milk
¼ C cocoa

1. Combine milk, sugar, cocoa, and earth balance.  Bring to hard boil, then boil 1 min.  Remove from burner, stir in peanut butter until dissolved.
2. Replace on burner (do not turn back on!) to keep warm while you stir in oats and vanilla.  Mix well. 
3. Drop on wax paper with teaspoon, fairly quickly.
4. Allow to dry on counter overnight.
Makes about 4 dozen. 

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